Experiencing the inexperienced

I am one of the  animators of the “In the Centre of Events” club of “Young Citizens of Armenia” project. It is a great opportunity to be part of such a project enabling me to acquire self-awareness and develop new skills. And recently, the project granted me the chance to participate in a training course on Inter-cultural dialogue. It took place in Misaktsieli, Georgia  from 5th till 13th March 2015  and involved 26 participants from 13 countries (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey). The aim of the Training Course was to increase youngsters’ understanding of culture and their capacities to lead multicultural activities with educational programs.

Before the training I had very controversial feelings because I didn’t have much experience communicating with other cultures. Finding myself in a new and culturally diverse environment was a really enriching experience that helped me to acquire skills in inter-cultural communication.

On the first day, I was a bit confused, because it was the first time I was participating in an international training taking place outside Armenia. Already on the second day, I started feeling the friendly atmosphere  and  started communicating more freely. I got acquainted with the other participants from different parts of the world, did group work and got quite confident to organize my own sessions. I realized the latter in cooperation with fellow-colleagues from Georgia and from Azerbaijan. We felt so easy to cooperate together and our mutual session turned out to be very successful and interesting.

11037662_1694582170769035_6913291313879837987_oAt the end of Training Course I was able to enhance my organizational, planning, management and communication skills, especially with other cultures which I believe were a  life-time experience.

Ovsanna Papikyan, Animator of “In the Centre of Events” club in Gyumri


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