The chapter of my life that deserves to be told

Be open to new thoughts, to new people, to new principles, 

to new ideas, to new experiences. “New” makes us grow”.

-Rossana Condoleo

Sometimes I think that people are not able to fully understand the things that I’m telling…Maybe that’s because they were not where I was and didn’t feel what I felt, or maybe it’s because I am not a good teller…Don’t know! But here I tried to describe everything in the most visual way I could.

We, human beings, are extremely different not just armanby appearance, but especially with our inner world. That’s why we dispose so various emotions in the same kind of situations and in so many different ways. And sometimes, all these emotions are so much merged and confused that it becomes impossible to understand them separately. I am sure that everybody felt this at least once in their lives. If you didn’t, be sure this will happen to you. If you’re thinking why I am telling all this stuff…Well it’s because my emotional state totally corresponded to the one I described, when I was moving from Yerevan to Tbilisi, to participate in the international training “CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP FOR INTERCULTURAL EDUCATIONAL MEETINGS”. Moreover, I was full of expectations to discover, learn, get what I needed. However, that negative feeling of fear for disappointment kept me “on the ground”. What about my expectations, I wasn’t coming to Georgia to find new friends or to have fun, but to understand myself, to learn about myself. However, to be honest, from the very first moment I met other participants, I felt that those 9 days were not only going to be about self-discoveries, but also about friendship and having nice time. People almost always say that during trips or trainings we are always getting out of our comfort zone and enter into learning zone. However, due to the calm and harmonious atmosphere ruling in “Kapiloni Hotel” (theplace where we were staying), I wasn’t feeling myself in the learning zone, no, it was even more comfort zone than I could ever imagine.

armaniAfter these first impressions, everything was so good, so warm, that I wasn’t even feeling myself in a foreign country…And now, when I look back, here’s what I notice. Altogether, March 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 gave me strength, confidence, creativity, ideas, motivation, understanding about myself and finally, unique friends who made me feel home.

Sometimes I have this strange impression that instead of human beings we have become human doings, since people accept you not for the person you are but for the job you have, or the university you study. And we forget that the most important thing in the world is to be accepted and respected for the person you are and not for the job you do. “ICLit” training gave me the incredible feeling of being accepted and respected for the person I am. Thanks to this training I regained the faith in my power to create the world I want to live in. What I appreciated the most was the encouragement of endless creativity and respect of opinions. It showed me how many advantages the ability of cooperation and team work have if we use them wisely. When working in a group we have the possibility to look at the same problem from different angles, since each person has an individual/unique approach. Due to this training I believed in the extraordinary power of multicultural atmosphere to enlarge the understanding about the world and human nature. Experiencing other cultures taught me that a lot of problems existing in my country are internationally mutual.

Generally, in my life I continually meet new people. With these people’s help I form myself. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for finding friends who go deeper than gossiping or going out, friends, who without even noticing, helped me to be a better person.

Life is going on, our minds are expanding and every new thing broadens our understanding about life. As long as we live, we always learn and when we learn, we change. After all “new” makes us grow.

So, this was the short miracle of mine, worth telling…

I would like to express my very special gratitude to my organization “KASA” Swiss Humanitarian Foundation, more specifically “Young Citizens of Armenia” project for offering me this opportunity to participate in ICLit training course and for the priceless contribution to me for over two years.

Arman Melikyan, Animator of Human Rights club in Yerevan


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