Camp for children in the nature

IMG_4907-01On June 13, a group of young people engaged in the program “Young Citizens of Armenia” realized their long-awaited initiative titled “Camp for children in the nature” which took place in the area of Marmashen Monastery. For those who have never been here, I would like to inform that the splendid Marmashen Monastery is located on the left bank of the Akhuryan River, nearly 2 km away from Marmashen village, Shirak region.

The main idea of the initiative was the integration through organizing leisure time for children coming from different realities: schools and boarding schools. 15 children aged from 10 to 13 years old took part in one day-lasted camp: 10 children were from Gyumri Child Care and Protection Centre after F. Nansen and the remaining were from school No 24 after G. Saryan.


During the camp various sportive and intellectual activities were organized for children increasing their team-building, communication, time-management and leadership skills. The most entertaining was the game, called “The Island of Treasures”, in which each animator was responsible for a certain activity. ”The Island of Treasures” was a team game having 5 participants in each group and the main idea of that was as soon as possible to overcome all the obstacles the children faced on their way to get the treasures.

Our wishes came true as everything was well organized due to the team of the young people volunteering in KASA foundation. We are proud of our work making the children to feel joy, laughter and a piece of happiness. The day was very interesting and unforgettable but unfortunately it passed so quickly that already at a farewell time everyone could notice tears in children’s eyes. We would like to think that perhaps it will be the beginning of a real friendship.

Almira Nikoghosyan

Animator of English Club in Gyumri



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