Being Me and Beyond Me!


Hi, I’m Taron, a very energetic and active person. I am so much full of life that I wanted to be an actor but, however I decided to become a lawyer. Why? You know lawyers have a better stage to act (just a joke). Besides my studies and being volunteer in a couple of youth organizations and a member of student council, I am also a volunteer at KASA (Swiss Humanitarian Foundation), where I am a youth leader of Human Rights club. You know, this is also my stage 🙂  This club is a part of ‘’Young Citizens of Armenia’’ project and a very serious and educational part of my life. I am eager to make my peers aware of their rights and responsibilities of a citizen, that’s why I initiated this club in KASA, where my idea was very much welcomed.

In frames of Human Rights club sometimes we discuss topics which somehow don’t fit to our law system. Although some concepts are spread worldwide, in Armenia we still have some barriers discussing them which is somehow connected with our law system. These kind of controversial topics are the most interesting for me, because during our clubs, where you can meet people of different backgrounds, profession, age and interests, I’m trying to find out what the problem is and where to find solutions. This is a very good brain training and exciting exercise that I encourage around my peers in the community, in the University, among my close friends and others. Kind of a multiplication process!  During our discussions participants may voice stereotypes and don’t even notice it. Those are the situations that I try to be the one, who collecting opinions and making assumptions, which is also a very hard task to gather resources and be very sterile not to change anything from my angle. It is so exciting to be an observer- look at people’s outlook to the problem and collect all the opinions and to find solutions together with young people to react properly.

Here I want to share about the meeting that impressed me most. It was about euthanasia, the idea of which generated from my colleagues and me. It was the most interesting and active club we had ever. You can assume this from the number of participants fromIMG_1514 that day. We had almost 35 participants and it was the most diverse group that we had- there were lawyers, doctors, psychologists, both students and professionals.  These people had different cultural and mentality backgrounds, a very diverse group of ages, perceptions and experience, so imagine the mix! The interesting discussions were turning into hot debates and my role and responsibility was also turning to a very difficult one to handle reasonable solutions. First you hear doctors being against this phenomenon. Then the lawyers come proving that doctors don’t have the right to end the life of a person, either. After that of course were some people trying to put them in the shoes of a suffering patient. These discussions could last forever. However, all of us developed their perspectives in life out of the club meeting.

While reading this article we can think – for what it is written. Analyzing all the opinions, persuasions, points of view discussed during the club, we can assure that the question is very difficult. While writing the article I tried to focus on the participants.  I had fears during the organization process of a club that it could cause heated passions, which could turn into a fight, but I was astonished with the tolerance and the ability to listen of the participants.  After seeing that, I got the hope for tomorrow, and believed that our country will have the future we dream about. I love you and believe we will build a safe future.

Taron Poghosyan

Human Rights Club’s leader /Yerevan/


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