“One Last Chance” happening one last chace


Usually it is very hard to write something right after Erasmus + TC or YE for me.

With a lot of emotions flown one needs to be a real stone-hearted to speak about the project itself not about the people she/he had a chance to meet.

Well, I am not stone-hearted (at least I consider myself like that) so I decided to take a break and write this article a little bit late.

We had an amazing training course in July 17-25 which was held in a tiny village called Daugirdiškės. Try to spell it, huh ? .

Wonderful nature with the charm of making you calm and energized.

“One Last Chance”(the title of the TC) was my fourth training and one of the most productive ones. I have played lot of games with possible win-win solutions but none of them were like Mission Z game. Wanna know what’s that? So be exploring, let’s see what you can find about that game.   None of them had the overwhelming effects/side factors on how you act during the game and how you evaluate the game afterwards. Thanks the trainers for trying to create a real spirit for it and when it comes to Non-violent communication: I think changing the way you form your speech is some kind of refusing yourself, still NVC(non-violent communication) and conflict mapping are of great importance to deal with the conflicts.

I just don’t want to make comments on everything we had. Every Erasmus + project is not only unique of its “formal” structure but for the communication people have during informal moments ad meetings and evenings. It seems like  you are not alone in this world. You meet people who are different from you, living miles away of your home town but having the same view on some things in life. This is why Erasmus+ is so important.

With a world full of rising radicalism and hate speech propaganda you speak with a person from “enemy country” who has the same emotions and feelings. This was about my “One Last Chance”.  Now, at this very moment sitting on my sofa reading all the Facebook posts about lunar eclipse, I think about our project and the way it changed my attitude to conflicts. I became more realistic and more solution-oriented. After the project I started to value deep analysis of conflict.

Okay, let’s finish with all these conflict topics as a very valuable thing that happened to me were lot of friends, visits to  new places and most importantly once again it was clear to me: There is no degree of separation. We all are different and unique BUT it doesn’t mean we can’t live together. Conflict is just a way to reflect ourselves and value the others. John Lenon in his famous manifesto song “Imagine” wrote: “Imagine all the people living life in peace” One last Chance made me Imagine this. Thank you all for the best memories and the one who I am today.



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