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EVS in Armenia: From learning to experience

My name is Jan and I come from Slovakia. Before coming to Armenia, I had just obtained my Bachelor degree in Psychology in my home country. So I decided to take a break in my studies and change my actions from learning to doing something more practical and getting more real experiences. As I love travelling and meeting different cultures. Therefore, volunteering through EVS (European Voluntary Service) at KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation seemed to be a great opportunity in changing my living for some period of time.

article photoSince I came to Armenia, many people asked me why I chose Armenia as a place of my volunteering service. And to be honest, it was because I knew almost nothing about Armenia. So I considered it as a good opportunity to explore a place, which was unfamiliar to me. I started collecting information about Armenia, its culture, traditions, and got really interested in the country. And there were two (for me) important factors that helped to made up my mind; firstly, hiking is possible almost everywhere, and hitch-hiking is strawberry raspberry (jahoda malina – Slovak way of describing something as an easy job :D). So doing something helpful for the Armenian society while volunteering and spending good time in the region while engaging myself with my beloved hobbies seemed to be as a good choice. Continue reading EVS in Armenia: From learning to experience