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A journey to remember

I am a volunteer in the Young Citizens of Armenia project at KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation. I am also a student in the department of Translation Studies at YSU. This year I decided to take a break from my heavy university schedule and to enjoy my summer vacations somewhere else. I had been looking for a short-term EVS project for a long time and finally I found one in Bulgaria. So I decided not to miss my chance to travel and to have new adventures. At first, everybody (including me) was surprised at my choice because I had never been interested in visiting Bulgaria. Moreover, the project is devoted to archeology which has nothing in common with my profession. However I was lucky enough to be selected by my host organization and now I’m here enjoying my time in the beautiful Balkans. Continue reading A journey to remember

The chapter of my life that deserves to be told

Be open to new thoughts, to new people, to new principles, 

to new ideas, to new experiences. “New” makes us grow”.

-Rossana Condoleo

Sometimes I think that people are not able to fully understand the things that I’m telling…Maybe that’s because they were not where I was and didn’t feel what I felt, or maybe it’s because I am not a good teller…Don’t know! But here I tried to describe everything in the most visual way I could. Continue reading The chapter of my life that deserves to be told

Experiencing the inexperienced

I am one of the  animators of the “In the Centre of Events” club of “Young Citizens of Armenia” project. It is a great opportunity to be part of such a project enabling me to acquire self-awareness and develop new skills. And recently, the project granted me the chance to participate in a training course on Inter-cultural dialogue. It took place in Misaktsieli, Georgia  from 5th till 13th March 2015  and involved 26 participants from 13 countries (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey). The aim of the Training Course was to increase youngsters’ understanding of culture and their capacities to lead multicultural activities with educational programs. Continue reading Experiencing the inexperienced

EVS in Armenia: From learning to experience

My name is Jan and I come from Slovakia. Before coming to Armenia, I had just obtained my Bachelor degree in Psychology in my home country. So I decided to take a break in my studies and change my actions from learning to doing something more practical and getting more real experiences. As I love travelling and meeting different cultures. Therefore, volunteering through EVS (European Voluntary Service) at KASA Swiss Humanitarian Foundation seemed to be a great opportunity in changing my living for some period of time.

article photoSince I came to Armenia, many people asked me why I chose Armenia as a place of my volunteering service. And to be honest, it was because I knew almost nothing about Armenia. So I considered it as a good opportunity to explore a place, which was unfamiliar to me. I started collecting information about Armenia, its culture, traditions, and got really interested in the country. And there were two (for me) important factors that helped to made up my mind; firstly, hiking is possible almost everywhere, and hitch-hiking is strawberry raspberry (jahoda malina – Slovak way of describing something as an easy job :D). So doing something helpful for the Armenian society while volunteering and spending good time in the region while engaging myself with my beloved hobbies seemed to be as a good choice. Continue reading EVS in Armenia: From learning to experience